Jay Z Featured in Kimmel’s ‘Brooklyn Takeover’

It’s very rare for Jay-Z to make a late night appearance. However, Jimmy Kimmel managed to make it happen as part of his week-long Brooklyn takeover.

With the Tidal X: 1020 concert featuring Prince, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj and a range of other top headliners set to take place Tuesday, it’s a pretty safe bet that the business mogul will amp up the buzz during his stop at Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Maybe Jay will come with a surprise in the form of a performance?!

Tune-in Tuesday night to witness the Jay-Z and Jimmy Kimmel sit-down.

As a bonus, here’s the show’s weekly line-up.

Monday: Bill Murray, Misty Copeland, Music from Ryan Adams
Tuesday: Jay Z, Donald Trump, Music from TIDAL X: 1020
Wednesday: Michael J. Fox (Back to the Future’s 30th Anniversary), Joy Behar, Music from Big Grams
Thursday: Bradley Cooper, Robin Roberts, Tracy Morgan, Paul Shaffer, Music from Esperanza Spalding
Friday: Howard Stern, Music from Public Enemy