WATCH: Jay Z & Beyonce ‘On The Run’ Tour

A 42-song set, multiple wardrobe changes and intimate moments sent a lot of ooh’s and aah’s in Miami’s sun Life Stadium Wednesday night as Jay Z and Beyonce kicked off their highly anticipated On The Run Tour.

With rumors flying about Jay’s infidelities, “SolangeGate,” divorce and strategic Bey carrying on with life publicly unfazed, many thought low ticket sales would plague the couple’s first tour together.

However, that was all shut down and to make sure there were no further questions regarding the security and strength of the power couple, through video montages on the Jumbotron, “The Secret Life of The Carters” was revealed – in appetizing proportions, of course.

Read more on the Jay and Bey’s opening ‘Run’ here and check out this clip below: