Janet Jackson’s Message to Fans

With so much excitement circulating Janet Jackson’s return to music and her current ‘Unbreakable’ tour, it goes without doubt that footage would make its way to the social-sphere.

It’s the way of the world these days and people are hooked on sharing everysingle. moment.

Ms. Jackson gets it. She totally does. But, what she’s not cool with is posting an extensive amount of her concert footage to social media.

The scenario: After fans and attendees of the Unbreakable Tour uploaded video to their Instagram accounts, they received a warning message stating “a third party reported that the content violates their copyright.” Soon after, their Instagram accounts were suspended.

Although the social platform’s terms of use prohibits “any manner…that violates any law or regulation…,” the New York Post reports a that rep acknowledged some of the account suspensions were the result of a “bug” and would be restored.

Jackson took to her Twitter account to apologize to her fans whose accounts were suspended. She explained that she “enjoys watching short clips” but also addressed the importance of her team “protecting the intellectual property we are creating for the tour and possible future projects.” Read her full statement below.

So folks, celebrate Janet, but tweak the approach a bit.