Janet Jackson Restricted to Bed Rest?

The world went crazy when Janet Jackson announced that she’d be kicking off her Unbreakable Tour in 2015.

Ms. Jackson had folks readjusting their pockets and skipping out on bills just to make sure they could cop that ticket.

And though, some were fortunate enough to catch Janet during parts of the tour, the overall experience was met with complications. Dates were postponed due to her father’s health, then she postponed her UK dates and then came the “special announcement.” Just as she was gearing to revvy up again on performances,

Janet took to her Twitter account to announced that she and her husband were “planning our family.”

The news was met with a mix of ooh’s, aah’s and some disappointed fans who would be missing out on their chance to see Mrs. Jackson live.

Since the announcement, not much has been heard or seen of Janet and her Mister. Now, reports are circulating that the youngest sibling of the Jackson clan may be experiencing a few pregnancy complications and has since been restricted to bedrest.

This will be Janet’s first child. We hope that the iconic entertainer and her husband become parents to a healthy baby boy or girl.