Jamie Foxx’s Daughter Crowned Miss Golden Globe!

Who is Corinne Foxx?!

Well, she’s often smiling bright on the arm of celeb dad Jamie Foxx during awards season. And when the red carpet rolls up and life is back to “normalcy,” the 21-year-old University of Southern California senior is busy with a budding modeling career.

Represented by L.A. Models, in 2014, Corinne scored her modeling debut with Icing, an accessory line. She followed her big break up with more fashion and beauty spreads.

This year, her beauty and fashion will not only be photographed on the red carpet, but she’ll be taking the stage as well.

The Foreign Press Association made the official announcement Tuesday evening.

That’s right, the dazzling young adult is now taking a step away from simply enjoying the show to becoming 2016’s Miss Golden Globe!

As part of her duties, Corinne will be responsible for looking absolutely radiant, while assisting and handing off trophies to their rightful recipients.

And Miss Corinne is surely making her papa proud!

The Golden Globes airs Jan. 10.