Jamie Foxx to Portray Mike Tyson in Biopic

Recovering from drugs is the fight of MIke Tyson life.

From Whitney and James Brown, to Aaliyah and Richard Pryor, to N.W.A. and Jesse Owens, this is truly the year of the biopic.

Now, Mike Tyson has announced that he and actor Jamie Foxx are collaborating on a filmed biography on his life.

Tyson, 48, told Variety that he and the Django Unchained actor “are in discussion, and we gonna do it.” Tyson recently announced a new animated show titled Mike Tyson Mysteries about the former heavyweight champion.

Within the next 18 months, Tyson says you can expect to see “the Mike Tyson story.” Tyson is currently training Foxx for the role.

Foxx, 46, stunned the world with his astounding portrayal of Ray Charles in the movie Ray. In 2005, he won a best actor Oscar for the performance.

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