Jamie Foxx Goes to Work on Another Biopic

jamie foxx

The life story of silky-voiced, but complicated crooner Marvin Gaye is coming to the big screen with an assist from Jamie Foxx.  According to the Hollywood Reporter, Foxx — who got an Oscar for his portrayal of the iconic Ray Charles– has Gaye’s family’s blessing for a project that is being shopped around right now.

It will no doubt be a hit as fans have long been mesmerized by the meteoric rise and tragic fall of Gaye, who was shot by his own father during a domestic dispute when he was only 44 years old.  The story, which other Hollywood juggernauts have tried (and failed) to memorialize, is definitely due for a biopic treatment.

“Marvin was the truest artist I have ever known,” Motown founder Barry Gordy told Hollywood Reporter regarding this project executive produced by the singer’s son Marvin Gaye III. “I am confident that this is the right team to bring his story to the audience in an authentic and compelling way.”

No word yet on who would portray the captivating Gaye, but we’ll definitely make our opinions known come casting time.