Jamie Foxx Keeps It Real During Radio Interview

Jamie Foxx says his daughter lets him know when he’s acting “too young.”

Actually, she clowns him for it. During an interview with “Power 105.1” host Angie Martinez, the 47-year-old comedian said his daughter Corrine gives him grief for dating women in their 20s.

“She was legal, but in her 20s,” Foxx told Martinez of the woman he was dating at the time. “I’m 40, she’s in her 20s. I kept her away from my daughter and then all of a sudden; she ends up in the house with my daughter. I’m not there to [intercede]. Then I walk in like ‘Aye, aye, aye.’ She got the little half shirt on.

My daughter is like, ‘Really dad?’,” Fox said. “She says, ‘I’m on my way to school. Should I drop her off for 6th period?’ It was like that, so I talk about those things [on the album] you’re still fly and young, at the same time, you are over 40.”

Corrine, 21, is a model and often acts as her father’s red carpet date for awards shows. Foxx is set to release his next album, Hollywood, next month.

Check out Foxx’s interview with Angie Martinez below: