Jamie Foxx Gets Soulful with Public Domain Tunes

Jamie Foxx and James Corden together is one big soulful, laugh factory.

While on a promotional run for his film, Sleepless co-starring Gabrielle Union and T.I., heading to theaters on January 13, Jamie kicked it on the set of Late Night with James Corden and flossed not only his piano skills, but that beautiful sangin’ voice of his too.

Laaawd, Jamie’s voice!

But, the movie star wasn’t the only one with chops, Corden proved that he could add some sauce to his vocals too as the pair humored audience members with a full set of public domain tunes that ranged from “Row your boat” to “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” While the original versions are PG, leave it to Jamie and James to throw a little X-rated improv on the melody.

Watch below.