James Lesure Chats ‘Men at Work’ Season 2

By// Starrene Rhett Rocque caught up with actor James Lesure for a brief chat about the second season of Men at Work.  The TBS sitcom MenWorkreturns on April 4th at 10/9c, for it’s second season, so we got some cool points about what fans (old and new) can look forward to.


Talk about the premise behind Men at Work and the character that you play.

We drop in on four fellas working at a sexy little magazine, trying to become better men, and it deals with their relationships, and shows them growing personally. It’s a blast. I play Gibbs. He’s the modern day Yoda. He’s full of sage advice and wisdom and he’s one to listen to, and take heed from. He’s the photographer at the magazine.

Why do you think it resonates so well with fans?

I think because it’s pretty contemporary. Sometimes we have current humor in there that can be fun to witness and I think it has some intelligence, some creative ways to make people laugh, which is cool. I’m a fan of it so, hopefully these are some of the reasons that people will tune in and be entertained by it.

There’s been a cable take over of scripted TV shows that become serious fan favorites. What’s up with that?

I love it, and I agree. I think TBS, AMC—there’s other networks doing really good work and I’m cool with it, especially scripted shows, maybe because they’re a little bit more open to play on these networks, where as some of the big network shows may be a little more conservative about what they want to show and do. We can be a little bit more human on cable in that regard and I like that.

What are three of the coolest points you can think of about Men at Work?

One is that it’s contemporary. Two, in my humble opinion is that it’s funny and three the talent is the sexiest cast.