Twitter Roasts Jaheim Over New Hairstyle


R&B singer Jaheim is trending on Twitter, but it’s not because of his musical talents. Like many before him, the crooner is presently getting roasted on the social media network because of his hair…and his reaction to the jokes. 

While we’re not exactly sure when he debuted his latest look–a wavy, relaxed ‘do–apparently many folks just peeped it Thursday night, which set off a series of comical tweets from users comparing his hair to everything from a newborn’s to cartoon characters.

Here’s a sampling.

While it had to be hard to get cracked on by Black Twitter, Jaheim didn’t take the jokes lightly. He spent hours replying to individual Twitter users, calling them names and dissing their looks. Why? He said he had to take on the “haters” and so-called bullies directly.