Jagged Edge Member Arrested

Jagged Edge member, Kyle Norman was arrested Thursday morning on aggravated assault charges, reports WGCL-TV Atlanta.

Police responded to a call about a fight between an engaged couple. Upon arrival, police say that the victim, Norman’s fianceé appeared with welts under both eyes, a “golf ball sized knot” on her upper left forehead, a cut under her nose, and what appeared to be a burst blood clot in her right eye.

The victim also told officers that her fiancé shoved her engagement ring down her throat.


The argument reportedly started after the woman confronted Norman about his drinking. However, police state that the R&B star acknowledged being angry after finding out his father had cancer.

Norman was taken to Atlanta Medical Center, and eventually to jail, where he was charged with aggravated assault.

This isn’t his only brush with controversy: Last September, the singer was caught on video fighting Sisqo backstage at a concert.