WATCH: J. Cole Teases Upcoming Album in Mini-Doc

Five-foot-seven-inches, high-pitched voice and skinny.

That was the look when rap artist, J. Cole entered his first cypher and annihilated his opponent.

“And it was on from there,” he says in a documentary video.

A lyricist had been brought to life with the absence of outward fear but the release of storytelling from experience and admiration of true emcee’s.

In the announcement of J. Cole’s upcoming album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, the North Carolina emcee packages it with a 7-minute documentary style visual that traces the grounds of his come-up.

He also drops an authentic gem on the topic of fame and happiness.

Peep the story below:

2014 Forest Hills Drive drops December 9 and is available for pre-order on iTunes, now.