J. Cole Releases Surprise Album On Birthday

J cole

J. Cole’s “January 28th” isn’t just the name of a song from his Grammy-nominated album 2014 Forest Hills Drive. It’s also the date of his birthday. And if you were to ask the rapper what’s on his wish list for the occasion, Forest Hills Drive: Live From Fayetteville, NC would be at the top.

That’s the name of the surprise LP he released Thursday. It’s a compilation of all of the songs he performed during his homecoming concert in North Carolina – including a medley of classics such as “Lights Please” and “In The Morning.”

Thanks to the lyricist, a few lucky fans were fortunate enough to cop the project before it officially hit stores.

This isn’t the first time he’s dropped off a present to someone else on his special day. 

Last year, he announced that he was allowing struggling single moms to live in his childhood home rent-free for up to two years.

Clearly, he’s the gift that keeps on giving. Happy 31st Birthday, Cole!