J. Cole Partners with Bally

J. Cole’s style isn’t flashy. You can often find him in a pair of sweatpants or jeans, a plain T-shirt and some classic kicks. Bally, a high-end Swiss brand, has taken note of his minimalistic fashion sense and locked-down a partnership with the rapper to develop a boot line called the “JC Hiker.”

The 30-year-old helped design luxury products for the company’s 2015 fall collection, which includes footwear that ranges from $695 to $1,995 and a set of backpacks, priced between $1,250 and $2,795.

While creating the pieces, the emcee mimicked his own style, emphasizing the importance of comfort and simplicity.

“As I’m getting older, I’m learning more about what my true style actually is…I love simplicity and comfort. Comfort is king,” Cole told the New York Times. “I feel at home in a pair of comfortable boots, and I always have a backpack with me. I keep my life in my backpack. Current books I’m reading, my notebook with all my rhymes written inside and my laptop that holds all the music I’m working on.”

He even travelled to Jamaica to film a commercial for the collection too.

“While I was visiting the Bally office in London, I noticed a blackandwhite picture of Bob Marley wearing a pair of Bally boots,” he said. “Jamaica was already one of my favorite places to spend time, but filming there was a way to pay homage both to Bob and to the brand’s legacy.”

Take a look at the shoes below.

J. Cole Bally


J. Cole Bally 2