All The Buzz about ‘ J.Cole’s ‘ 4 Your Eyez Only’

Rugged soul. Life reflective. Lyrics of substance.

J.Cole poured every inch of his silence as it relates to the current state of society into his latest creative offering, 4 Your Eyez Only. The 10-track project follows 2014’s successful “2014 Forest Hills Drive” and comes after Cole shocked the Interwebs when he released the lone-track “False Prophets.

Feature free, J.Cole proves that he’s the underrated MVP. Keeping to his regime of past the surface lyricism and storytelling, Cole is clearly a man of deep thought. We’ve seen his progression as each project drops, from his debut mixtape The Come Up; to his debut album, Cole World: A Sideline Story and mixtapes leading up to 2014 Forest Hills Drive, on to his current, 4 Your Eyez Only.

It takes a mind ready to expand and explore what’s under the surface to really dig the content and context of his music and that’s what will continue to make J.Cole special. That’s what keeps his hunger exposed and the authenticity on high.

Not one to detail his personal life, though bits and pieces have crept through, Cole’s heart is open on this body of work. A married man and a father to a baby girl, 4 Your Eyez Only is where he’ll let his fans enter, still with minimal access, the private life of Jermaine.


But then, there’s the core of J.Cole’s music offerings that lie in societal reflection and analyzing the mentality of Black people. An example comes in “Ville Mentality” where, through the instrumentation and lyrics, the voice of a young girl speaks about the death of her father and her anger issues.

“My dad died, he got shot ’cause
His friend set him up
And I didn’t go to his funeral
And, sometimes when I’m in my room
I get mad at mama when she be mean to me
When she say, “Clean up..”

Her voice is young, sad, but in a childlike way boasting a sense of pride.

Her story wraps with these words:

“I get mad and I slam my door and I go in my room
And then, I get mad and I say
I wish my dad was here.”

Cole opens the track, harmonizing the question, “How long can I survive with this mentality?”

And though, that question is bluntly asked in one song, it’s threaded in different ways throughout the totality of the project.

4 Your Eyez Only is a beautiful, thought-provoking body of work from Cole that also gives listeners a little more vulnerability when expressing his adoration for his wife and child.

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