Issa Rae’s Dope New Gig

Season two of Insecure is headed our way in just a few short months, but Issa Rae is already adding another incredible project to her plate. In what will be her feature film debut, Issa Rae will be starring in the forthcoming comedy, Empress of Serenity opposite comedian Bill Hader. This film will be the first time that Rae will star in a major project that is not of her own creation. Still, it should be an amazing adventure.

Loosely inspired by a David Foster Wallace novel, Empress of Serenity is described as an edgy comedy that centers around an animal rights lawyer who is shocked by the news of his mother’s death, and finds unexpected friendship after he’s coerced by his estranged father to go on a 45-day cruise. In the film, The Awkward Black Girl star will play Michelle, a reclusive kindred spirit in the cabin next door who becomes both the aid and the obstacle in Hader’s character’s elaborate plan to win back his ex-wife.

As long as Michelle isn’t relegated to the role of sidekick, this should be super dope especially since Black women don’t often get opportunities to star in major comedy features in such prominent roles. Though casting has just been announced, production is set to begin in August, giving Rae plenty of time to do her thing before season three of Insecure hits HBO. (We’re just crossing our fingers for a season three at this point.)

We hope that this role is the first of many for the gorgeously brilliant comedian who has truly blazed forth on her own path in Hollywood. However, we won’t have to wait until Empress of Serenity drops to see Rae in all of her glory. Insecure returns to HBO for its second season on July 23, 2017. There’s just so much #BlackGirlMagic happening!