Clip Tease: Issa Rae’s ‘Insecure’ on HBO

Issa Rae fans rejoice! The actress is back and bringing the funny with her new HBO comedy series, Insecure. But wait, the awkward Black girl that catapulted the multi-platform content creator‘s name into Hollywood limelight is not far behind…at all.

If anything, it looks like Insecure will add another layer to Rae’s wit and knack for socially awkward humor. The eight-episode series follows the friendship of two Black women as they deal with uncomfortable experiences and racy tribulations.

With Missy Elliott providing the soundtrack to the upbeat trailer, it looks like Issa has another intriguing–and hilarious–winner on her hands.

Check out the clip tease below:

Insecure is expected to debut in the fall.