Boxer Adrien Broner Blows Up, Backtracks

Cockiness is not a good look.

I think we have a baby Floyd “Money” Mayweather on the come up in boxer Adrien Broner. Arrogantly vocal and obnoxious, we begrudgingly admit he backs it up with a record of 29 wins and one loss.  But still…he tried it with Hov and RiRi.

While Jay-Z and Rihanna turned heads during the premiere of Throne Boxing at Madison Square Garden (another notch under the Roc Nation takeover) Broner tossed some taunts their way.  Apparently, he was peeved after Roc Nation Sports courted him with a $40 million- a-year contract set to last five years.

Broner felt the number was beneath him. Instead of simply declining, he talked to TMZ Sports and spewed derogatory statements at Jay Z , meanwhile reduced Rihanna to a sex object.

Why? Just…why? Was any of this really necessary.

Well, you know how these situations play out: Celebrity says something that rubs society the wrong way, a ton of side-eyes slide their way, and then their publicity peeps force them to take it back.

In Broner’s case, he has since downplayed his tirade as the result of being “caught up in the moment and I’m a man at the end of the day. I’m wrong and I can admit when I’m wrong. I never should have said “Forget Rihanna. I said it in a more explicit way. I’m wrong. I’m sorry.”

But then he took it a little further with a puzzling ploy: “if Jay wants to talk to me, you can get in touch with me and we can talk about it.”

Um, Jay is probably somewhere smoking on a cuban like ” On to the next one.”