Does Tyra Banks Want Rita Ora Fired From ‘America’s Next Top Model’?

Back in the day when America’s Next Top Model was on UPN, and Tyra Banks, Miss J, and Nigel Barker were running the series stars, the competition show was legendary!

A ton of models who got their start on the show are still slaying in the industry today, including Eva Marcille and Toccara Jones. Therefore, when Tyra finally said goodbye to the series after 22 cycles in 2015, it was a bittersweet farewell.

However, we all know that Hollywood can’t bear to let a dead horse lay. Late last year, VH1 decided to revive the series with Tyra Banks returning as an executive producer and Rita Ora on board as host.

The season started off promising enough. Rita was able to motivate the contestants and ANTM was able to snag stunning curve model, Ashley Graham as a judge. But apparently, that was just not enough. It didn’t take long for the new ANTM’s ratings to plummet into oblivion. Honestly, these days if you’re not Real Housewives or Love & Hip-Hop, it’s hard to compete in the world of reality TV.

Still, it might not be the lack of public engagement (or the fact that the show doesn’t work without Tyra) that is causing chaos over at Top Model. According to OK Magazine, Rita Ora is “sometimes unprepared,” for work and Tyra is, “furious.” We can’t say we blame her.

A rep for Vh1 has come forward saying that Rita is a “total pro” and that the network is, “thrilled to have partnered with her.” Meanwhile, Tyra Banks’ reps have not released a statement confirming or denying the claim.

Do y’all think Rita Ora comes to work unprepared, or is it that ANTM has run its course and people don’t care to tune in? What do y’all think? Do you think getting a new host would revive the series?