Meet the Cast of ‘Iron Man 3’

By//Jessica Paris

Before you head out to the theaters to see Iron Man 3 this weekend, get yourself caught up on the key players in the Marvel’s blockbuster franchise. Here’s a quick refresher course on who’s who, and what you can expect from some of your favorite and new characters this time around.

Tony Stark/Iron Man


In Iron Man 3, we pick up where we left off as Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) tries to cope with his near-death experience in The Avengers. In his post-traumatic stupor, Tony becomes even more obsessed with his gadgets until having it all destroyed by a new enemy. This leads our hero on a journey to find those responsible, but this time, it won’t be a easy as hopping into his iron suit. He’ll have to use his brain and own instincts to save the day and prove that it’s the man that makes the suit, and not the other way around.

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