InTouch Weekly Shows Solange “Twinsies” with Dog

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Oh, please don’t get our pressure up this early!

Bossip reports that InTouch Weekly had the audacity to run a photo of Solange Knowles in full natural glory paired up as twinsies with a shaggy Yorkipoo.  And get this, the headline on this bad boy was “Double Creature.”

**blank stare**

Are people out of their mickey fickey minds?  JET is putting in a call to InTouch to find out why and how this happened.  Stay tuned…

THIS JUST IN:  So….InTouch Weekly got back to JET’s query with the following statement, and pictures from a previous “double creature.”  Take a look and then vote in our poll:

“In Touch Weekly publishes a weekly feature called “Animal Overload,”  including a regular column called “Double Creature.” “Double Creature” is meant to be a fun feature where we ask our celebrity-obsessed readers to submit photos of their pet and the celebrity that their pet looks like. We publish a column in every issue with a diverse selection of both people and pets.  In response to recent articles printed, we want to make it clear that there was never any intent to be insensitive and no harm was meant towards anyone.”

Here are two other examples of this “Double Creature” feature, courtesy of InTouch:

Credit: InTouch Weekly

Credit: InTouch Weekly

ITW-1450-Animal Overload single.indd D[1]

So you tell us: Is this Solange situation a fail or fair play?