In Response to #BoycottStarWarsVII

Ha and HA!

Racists are mad as hell over the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens official teaser trailer and I cannot hide my glee!

Since the trailer dropped, the hashtag #BoycottStarWarsVII has been blowing up Twitter with all types of foolery from people claiming the movie has a “multicultural sinister agenda” to it being “anti-white propaganda and white genocide.”

First and foremost, having ONE Black lead character, John Boyega who plays “Finn,” does not make a movie multicultural. Star Wars VII is about ONE Asian girl, ONE Latino guy, and maybe three racially ambiguous characters shy from being a 90s Sunny Dee commercial. I damn near threw my smartphone across the room when I read “white genocide.” How limited are people? The fact that I share the same human gene pool as some of these simpletons truly keeps me up at night. Just drown, ALL OF Y’ALL!

Genocide is the deliberate murder of a large group of people, specifically members of a certain nation or race. The Holocaust was genocide. What happened in Rwanda was genocide. Casting isn’t genocide. But where are these same racist film buffs when it comes to other Hollywood blockbusters?

Remember when people lost their cotton-picking minds when Black actress Amandla Stenberg played “Rue” in Hunger Games, even though the book clearly describes her as having dark brown skin and eyes? Sounds like a Black girl to me.  I didn’t see a hashtag movement against Argo when Ben Affleck played CIA agent Tony Mendes, who in real life is Mexican American. In fact, the movie won an Oscar for Best Picture in 2012.

Jake Gyllenhaal playing a Persian in Prince of Persia: The Sand of Times and Elizabeth Taylor playing Cleopatra are just a couple more examples of the countless times Hollywood has white-washed its films. But the uproar around these movies? Crickets.

WHY? Because a White person was saving the day.

When Hollywood white-washes history and its films, it’s branded as creative license under a kumbaya that says, “We are all one and don’t see color.” But let just a hint of melanin appear on a fictional character in a film and it’s literally referred to as “white genocide” even though no one has died. If this is white genocide then Black people, transgender people, Muslims, and other minorities who are actually being targeted in real life should be added to the endangered species list. I mean damn if ya’ll are losing, who the hell is winning?! I wanna meet them.

In the wise words of Kenobi, “Who’s the more foolish? The fool, or the fool who follows him?” All of ya’ll racist fanboys are some damn fools who need to find the nearest corner and stick your nose in it, seated of course.



Terrence Chappell surfaced on Chicago’s media scene as UR Chicago Magazine Online’s fashion editor. Since then, he has worked and contributed to various media outlets such as Michigan Ave. Magazine, CS Magazine, and The Men’s Book. Currently, Terrence serves as the editor-at-large for, the city’s largest LGBT entertainment and news website where he writes “Chappell Confidential,” a nightlife and society column. Terrence also heads “Chappell on Community,” the site’s newest editorial monthly series that profiles the LGBT community’s most innovative leaders.