‘In Living Color’ Reboot Project Gets Canned

It was announced last Fall that In Living Color would be coming back to TV, remixed. News circulated that show would return to FOX  featuring a new cast, but no new developments followed until now. According to Egypt Said So, the show’s original creator, Keenan Ivory Wayans, confirmed to the NY Post that the revival has been axed.

“The bar for In Living Color is so high that, if I didn’t feel like we could sustain that, then I did not want to move forward. I just feel like we’re in a different time. The talent pool is different, and I don’t think that type of show works nowadays. The level of talent doesn’t exist,” said Wayans.

Kevin Reilly, FOX’s President of entertainment agreed with Wayans.

“The stars just didn’t align. I think the pilot was pretty funny, but it just didn’t feel like we had the players. Also, it didn’t feel like a series prospect, and I didn’t want to just do a one-off special. It was a lot of things.”

The original cast was willing to participate in the revamped show along with the new cast but Wayans said the decision to move forward was more about him deciding that they could successfully sustain themselves. He wasn’t about that one season life.