Idris Elba Wanted to Play Django But Got Shut Down

By// Chandler Rollins

Idris Elba was one of the initial actors in the running to play the lead role in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained. But, Elba was never able to clinch the part, not due to his skills as an actor, but because he is British, according to Shadow and Act. In an interview with the UK Sun, Tarantino revealed why Elba never stood a chance at getting the role.

“Yeah, Idris is British and this is an American story. I think a problem with a lot of movies that deal with this issue is they cast British actors to play the Southerners and it goes a long way to distancing the movie. They put on their gargoyle masks and they do their phoney accents and you are not telling an American story any more.  They are just making hay of it, whether it be James Mason in Mandingo or Michael Caine in Hurry Sundown, they get British actors to do this.”

According to reports, the other actors who were candidates for the part were Chris Tucker, Terrence Howard, Michael K. Williams, and Tyrese.


What are your thoughts? Do you think Jamie Foxx was the right person to play the role of Django?