[Listen] Idris Elba Drops New Song

Idris Elba excited Stephen King fans earlier this week by tweeting about his role in the upcoming film adaptation of King’s novel series The Dark Tower. In it, Elba plays Roland Deschain, a gunsliger who roams to west in a bid to save his dying world.

While book fans and Elba stans can’t wait for the film to drop next year, the British actor just released a new song that may tide them over for the summer.

In case you weren’t up on game, Elba’s been producing music for years. In fact, before he began acting, Big Driis–his alter ego–got his start as a DJ back in London. He’s also appeared alongside Jay-Z, Skepta, D’banj, and others.

Now Elba’s releasing a new house track off Mixmag’s Hiatus project, and it’s perfect for the summer.

Take a listen.