Idris Elba is Reckless in ‘Bastille Day’ Trailer

Idris Elba is a straight bad ass with intent in the trailer for Bastille Day.

The action-thriller film is set in Paris and will see the leading man take on terrorists in the City of Lights. Richard Mason plays “Madden,” an American small-time thief who unknowingly lifts a bag loaded with explosives causing him to become a target for the CIA.

Elba portrays CIA agent Sean Biar who is determined to expose Madden’s guilt or innocence. His tactics, however, can be a bit “irresponsible and reckless.”

Within a 24-hour deadline, the journey to truth implodes with an even larger conspiracy, schemes and Elba using the thief as a pawn to solve the case.

Bastille Day was set for a UK release this month, but was delayed due to the Paris attacks. The new premiere date is slated for April 22. A US release is still being determined, although Focus Features is the American distributor.

For now, you can take in the action below and we’ll keep you looped in on the US premiere.