‘Idol’ favorite ‘Big Mike’ Lynche dishes on debut disc

By//Mariah Craddick

Though he may have a build like a heavyweight or pro-wrestler, former American Idol contestant Michael “Big Mike” Lynche is a lover not a fighter. He brings that message in his debut album, Michael Lynche, which already has a single climbing up the Billboard charts. Lynche talked to JET about his album, Mariah Carey as an Idol judge, and his reason for losing weight.

Right now, you’re best known for your stint on the ninth season of American Idol. What was your most memorable experience from being on the show?

When I sang A Woman’s Work. Up until that point I was a frontrunner on the show, so it was surprising to all of the sudden have the lowest votes. It was that point where you had to sing for your life, for your future. The crowd was going crazy, my wife was crying in the front row. It was intense, but I did well and it’s what I remember most.

What was the process like for making this self-titled, debut album?

It was really cool because my label had no time frame or pressures to get done by a certain time. So we did a lot of rewrites and remixes to get the songs perfect. It took over 18 months to get it done.

If you had to choose one, which song on the album is your favorite and why?

There’s a song called Love Is You on the record. It started in a small place, but we built it out to be such a big thing. I call it my “mini-monster” on the record. That’s my favorite right now.

How do you feel about Mariah Carey taking a spot at the judges’ table on Idol?

I think it’s amazing! I don’t know if you could get a bigger name or a bigger judge. So many performers pattern themselves after Mariah Carey. You can see how American Idol is reinventing itself. It’s become a thing where veteran artists come on to revitalize their career. Though I don’t know if Mariah Carey necessarily needed any kind of career rejuvenation. She’s been hot.

Word on the street is that “Big Mike” isn’t quite as big anymore. Can you tell us about your weight loss?

Up to this point I’ve lost 90 lbs and counting. Since November of last year, I decided I wanted to change my whole plan and workout. I turned my workout more towards running. It’s also been a preventative maintenance. As a Black man on this earth, you have to take care of your health. And I want to be around for my kids forever.


Michael Lynche is available in stores now. Check out for upcoming tour and radio dates. Find him on twitter at @BigMikeLynche.