I Am Digital Conference Kicking Off in Atlanta

Credit: Shutterstock

Can you imagine a future in which rap artists will be bragging about banking in bitcoins instead of making it “thunderstorm” with cold hard cash?

Well, it might be here sooner than you think, if some of the industry disrupters at I Am Digital: Future of Music Conference, are accurate in their predictions. The two-day event, which is part of the A3C Music Festival in Atlanta, kicks off on Oct. 8.

Headlining the Future of Music Conference speaker roster, are Grammy award-winner Vinnie Brown of Naughty by Nature; Reggie Middleton, CEO of Veritaseum; Richard Conlon, principal at Rights Management Holdings; Garret Grohman, music manager at Indiegogo; Tino Mantella, CEO of TAG; Noel Lee, CEO and founder of Monster; Greg Street, Celebrity DJ, V-103; On-Air personality Osei Kweku, V103; Dr. Lisa Richardson, founder and executive director of East Point Tech: Digital Lifestyle & Literacy Center; and JET’s own editorial director, Kyra Kyles.

The conference– held at the Crown Plaza Midtown–  will cover a number of topics including how we will access and listen to music in the future, the impact of crowdsource funding on the music industry, hip-hop artists and emerging interest in bitcoins, plus JET will discuss the past and future of Black media as well as our dazzling evolution from print to an app format.

“The assemblage of talent for this year’s Future of Music Conference is one that will be long referred to as a pivotal point in the Digital Literacy Revolution,” predicts Mike Johns, CEO and founder of I Am Digital.

Brian Knott, CEO And founder of A3c, adds: “We’re excited to host the “I Am Digital” symposium at A3C this year. Hip-hop and technology have always had an important relationship. As both worlds continue to grow, so will their interactions. Our partnership with “I Am Digital” is a great opportunity for us to help present our community not only with what is going on right now in hip hop, but what’s next.”

Stay tuned for more about the conference and photos of all the action, as JET is also official media sponsor.  In the meantime, read more about the event right HERE.