Hulu Just Got Into Bed With Marvel

Hulu is the latest streaming service to hop into bed with Marvel, and this time it’s for Runaways.

Set to debut in the winter of 2018, Marvel’s Runaways is based on the comics by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona. However, Hulu will be bringing us the live-action version of the franchise. Runaways follows a rag-tag group of teenagers who “must unite against a common foe — their parents.” Seriously, we can all remember the angst and despair that came along with teenhood; our parents were usually the cause of much of our anguish. However, these teens aren’t just whining over curfews. If you don’t know much about the comics, the parents in Runaways are actually part of a crime organization known as The Pride. The Pride hosts an annual “charity” gathering that serves as a meeting place for nefarious time-travelers, wizards, mad scientists, aliens, and mutants. Basically, these teens’ parents are evil AF, and it’s no wonder that they want to destroy them.

From the creators of The CW’s Gossip Girl, Runaways has some super diverse characters, and the fresh-faced cast includes Gregg Sulkin, Rhenzy Feliz, Lyrica Okano, Virginia Gardner, Ariela Barer and Allegra Acosta. If you thought this would be a nice coming-of-age tale about some teens defeating evil, think again. Though the Runaways have one common enemy, they also can’t stand the site of one another which should add to the drama.

Following Freeform’s new series Cloak & Dagger, Hulu is the latest service to get on the Marvel train that has been dominated by both ABC and Netflix.

Are you excited about Marvel’s Runaways?