Hulu Is Going LIVE

Hulu is coming for Netflix and network TV.

After a year of whispers and announcements, Hulu is officially getting into the live television game. In addition to their current video-on-demand services, they will be giving users the option of streaming 50 live channels for the tidy price of $40. Seriously anything is better than these outrageous bills that cable companies call themselves charging us.

In addition to channels like HGTV, Travel Channel and Food Network, the $40 live plan comes with 50 hours of cloud DVR storage, the option to create six distinct profiles and the ability to have two streams running simultaneously. Hulu LIVE will also offer some upgrade options. 200 hours of DVR storage will cost an additional $15 per month, and unlimited screens will cost $15 per month. If you really want to get fancy, you can throw in Showtime for an extra $9.

With it’s latest stunning and critically acclaimed series, The Handmaid’s Tale helmed by Mad Men alum Elizabeth Moss, Hulu is definitely setting itself apart as a premiere streaming platform for TV lovers. Currently LIVE is only available in its beta testing stage, however, when it does launch it will come with Hulu’s on-demand offering with costs $8/per month currently. If you can’t deal with commercials, an additional $4 monthly will make all of the ads vanish.

Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins said of the LIVE launch.

“By bringing together thousands of live, on-demand and library shows and movies — and serving them up in a uniquely personalized way — Hulu can now be a viewer’s primary source of television. It’s a natural extension of our business, and an exciting new chapter for Hulu.”

Will you be canceling your cable package for Hulu Live? It seems legit to us!