HTGAWM Season 2: Top Three Twists

Last time we saw our How to Get Away with Murder crew, they were working hard to cover up the murder of main character Annalise Keating’s husband, Sam, only to commit another one in the process.

We’ve known since the beginning of Season 1 that the characters we’ve grown addicted to are a very dark bunch and have crossed the line between, right and wrong,repeatedly.

Here are the top moments of Thursday’s HTGAWM Season 2 premiere:

1. Who Shot Ya?

Just like last season, the first episode is ending with a crime scene that viewers have to work out with each coming episode like a game of Clue. We know Wes Gibbons ended up killing Annalise’s husband and it looks like he might be guilty again! In the final moments of the Season 2 premiere we see Annalise gasping for air on the floor having been shot by—well, we don’t know yet. But we do know there are at least three confirmed killers in the Keating group. Do we have a repeat offender on our hands or is there someone new with a murderous motive?

2. Brooding Bonnie

It’s always the quite ones, isn’t it? After last season’s finale we were left wondering who killed Rebecca and left her in Annalise’s basement for anyone to find. Once again the finger was pointed at Mr. Gibbons but turns out it’s Bonnie everyone should be worried about! You could tell she was starting to feel some type of way about all the private conversations Annalise and Frank were having about cleaning up Sam’s murder, so she went and committed one herself supposedly to protect Annalise. But Boss Lady wasn’t impressed with Bonnie’s gesture. “Now that you’ve done this you’re a monster,” Annalise screamed at her.

3. Mismatch Moment

Another “wait, what happened” moment of the night is not quite murderous, but perhaps scandalous. HTGAWM has a newcomer in the mix from Annalise’s past. We find out that the lawyer she wanted Nate to call for his trial is apparently an old flame from her past! Famke Janssen joins the cast for a multi-episode arc playing Eve, a dedicated defense attorney and Annalise’s old flame.  It’s getting hot in here!

Things to look forward to this season: Who Rebecca managed to text “Eggs 911” to before she died, what’s going to happen with Bonnie, and who the hell shot Annalise?

What was your favorite part of the premiere of HTGAWM? Tell us in the comments below! And don’t forget to check out our other Shondaland look back at Scandal.

Credit: Jessica Wenck


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