HTGAWM Recap: “Meet Bonnie”

It’s just three weeks away from the big reveal of what happens on the murder night of Season 2 and things are getting even more scandalous on How to Get Away with Murder than Scandal.

Viola Davis plays one of the biggest manipulator’s on TV, but she’s also one of the best entertainers.

On this season of HTGAWM, every episode has gotten better with each plot twist.

You can probably guess what the latest episode “Meet Bonnie” was about based off the title. Bonnie’s been on the outs with Annalise lately, but she’s working to get back on track by sacrificing her own dignity and relationship with Asher, who’s getting more and more involved with the night of Sam’s murder.

The best part about the drama is there are layers and layers of murder and mystery that we’ve barely scratched the surface of and trying to guess what’s going to happen next almost never works out.

But we like to try anyway.

Having just found out both Bonnie and Asher were at the mansion when Annalise got shot and Emily Sinclair dies, it’s looking like Bonnie has another murder on her hands—maybe to protect Asher or just because she’s into that now. Either way it’s going to make for an awesome episode in three weeks.

Annalise is always working a different set of cards than everybody else but still manages to beat everyone else’s hands—which is probably why she ends up getting shot. Because like Connor said, everything’s her fault. Even when she’s fixing things she’s failing at something.

Like last night when Asher decided he was going to testify against the Keating crew despite Bonnie’s best efforts to stop him, Annalise shows up to handle him. She makes him watch a video of Bonnie’s dad abusing her (who knows how or why she has that) to get him to stop seeing Bonnie as a killer versus a victim. She’s fixing the situation, but at the same time she’s failing as a teacher and morally as a human being.

Too bad we won’t know if that tactic worked until next week. Annalise has a lot of terrible qualities, but we love to watch them all.

We know we don’t have to tell you to tune in next Thursday…

Credit: Jessica Wenck

Credit: Jessica Wenck


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