HTGAWM RECAP: “What Did We Do?”

YASSSS Peter Nowalk, just yasss.

The creator and writer of the best show in the TGIT lineup How to Get Away with Murder knows how to throw down…a good script that is.

Even though he’s spent the entire season so far teasing the moment where Annalise gets shot, we still weren’t ready for what went down in Thursday night’s episode.

We already knew Annalise was the master of all manipulators, but last night was a little bit genius and a lot of insane—always a perfect combination when it comes to HTGAWM.

When Annalise finds out Sinclair is dead, her world literally starts to spin as she realizes there are too many situations growing out of her control to handle. But a true manipulator like Annalise wouldn’t take the setback lightly, and immediately goes to work to get things back to normal (as normal as possible anyway).

“It all started with what the four of you did. Now let’s get to work,” she yells at her Keating crew as motivation to help cover up yet another murder.

Asher has completed his initiation into joining the inner circle of the Keating crew; he’s officially in the murder club. Annalise is still the only one who has yet to kill anyone, but she’s been the mastermind behind all the cover ups and pulling the strings to her all puppets.

But the latest crime scene makes four of the Keating five redeem any morals they had left and stand up to their fearful leader.

“We know better this time,” Connor said.

Michaela, Wes, and Laurel are all ready to walk out and would rather go to jail than become like Annalise, Bonnie, and Frank who cross any line without question.

And in a scene that will surely earn Viola Davis her second Emmy nomination, Annalise works mercilessly to get her students to shoot her by admitting all the ways she’s ruined their lives so far.

Connor almost goes through with it but at the last second puts the gun down as Michaela jumps in front of him before he commits the crime.

Annalise’s confession that Rebecca is dead and she’s been lying to Wes and letting him cry on her shoulder (well, lap) puts Wes over the edge. He shoots her in the gut, not in the leg as she requested (a wound she could survive from).

We got answers to many of the questions we’ve been asking since the September premiere but of course, we only have more to think about after last night’s episode.

Sadly, we’ll be thinking about them for a while since new episodes don’t return until February.