HTGAWM Recap: “She’s Dying”

So…. There’s murder happening in the middle of murder trials. Let’s see if we can keep this all straight for our HTGAWM recap.

There’s the trial Annalise is defending two clients from a murder they may or may not have committed, along with the murder of the key witness in that case. Plus she’s trying to get her ex-boyfriend Nate free from the murder trial of her dead husband Sam while covering up the murder of her former client Rebecca, who knew about it.

Then we just found out Annalise winds up getting shot herself in last week’s premiere. But why stop there?

The number one murderous moment of the night still has us shocked…

1. Dead D.A

If all that other murder mayhem wasn’t enough for you, then tonight’s big reveal that the prosecutor of Nate’s trial ends up brutally murdered as well should cap your killer thrill for now. That’s right, no one is safe in Shondaland! And it wouldn’t be a murder scene without the main four of the Keating crew. We found out tonight it wasn’t just Wes involved with the shooting of our favorite defense attorney but Laurel, Michaela and Connor were there too. Looks like we have some repeat offenders on our hands after all.

  1. Loving Lawyers

It was a big moment last week, and it’s a bigger moment this week. We’re finding out more and more about the romance between Ms. Eve and Annalise. The prosecutor in Nate’s trial, yes the  soon to be murdered one, brings up in court the fact that Eve and Annalise know each other is  evidence she’s involved in murdering Sam. Annalise has to take the stand and defend herself, but she doesn’t take being a witness well. She names Nate as her husband’s killer and forces Eve to do a hostile cross-examination. The Judge is so confused as to who really killed Sam she let’s Nate off the hook! Eve goes to Annalise’s house to apologize and even invites her to come stay with her. Annalise doesn’t sound convinced, so not sure if this is a goodbye as Eve leaves in a cab. Count on finding out more about the loving ladies soon though since Nate saw their morning after kiss. I’d say the amount of madness in Nate’s life due to Annalise is enough motive for murder and then some.

  1. Mystery Man

An attractive guy hitting on Michaela at the courthouse and Wes was getting asked by his landlord if he wanted any of Rebecca’s stuff before he threw it out were almost a couple of forgettable moments of the episode—but we should’ve known there’s no such thing as forgettable anything with a TGIT night. Not only are they unforgettable moments but connectable ones! Wes finds a framed photo of Rebecca and some friends in a box at the end of the episode, no one he recognizes—but we do! It’s the same guy who Michaela shut down for a date earlier. Could he be our mystery man who received the text “Eggs 911?”

Next week’s promo promises another thrilling episode as we see Annalise gasp in shock at the sight of something in her house. Do you think it’s a dead body? Nah..she’s used to that by now.

Tell us in the comments below what your favorite moments of the latest HTGAWM episode were!

Credit: Jessica Wenck


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