HTGAWM Recap: ‘It’s Called the Octopus’

As usual How to Get Away with Murder didn’t disappoint! The most murderous show on television still has our jaws dropped from all the big reveals on last night’s episode!

We’re used to getting more questions than answers, but after waiting for what seems like forever we finally found out what the “Eggs 911” text meant and confirmed who got it.

Here a few other moments you don’t want to miss from the latest HTGAWM:

1. Calling Annalise
In the beginning moments of the episode, Annalise is still lying in a pool of her own blood and we see the Keating group running past the prosecutor’s body. Struggling to breath, she gets a call from Nate appears to be worried about her. It looks like she takes her last breath, but she can’t possibly be dying, right?! That’s probably going to make for one hell of a Season 2 finale and I can’t wait!

2. Motive For Murder
In a twist with the main murder of the show, we found out the Hapstall siblings are… dating? Definitely did not see that one coming. Even though the two deny their relationship, the maid for the family tells Annalise she thinks the kids are guilty of killing their parents because she could tell something wasn’t right with them. Does that mean they killed their aunt too?

3. Analyzing Asher
We call them the Keating Five, but only four members of the group have committed a crime —so far. Last night’s episode teased more of Asher’s history and what Prosecutor Emily Sinclair has over him. Asher broke into Annalise’s house to steal her tape recorder on Sinclair’s orders. He tells her he’s through being the mole for her, but she later texted him a picture of a girl named Tiffany, reminding him of what she has on him. He may already be a killer from his past but is he a future one as well? In one of these episodes will he be revealed to be at the mansion and be the killer of  Sinclair?

4. Revenging Rebecca
Rebecca is Eggs! When Wes finds out Michaela is dating Levi and realizes he knows Rebecca, he confronts him about his relationship with his former girlfriend and what his intentions are with Michaela. Turns out Levi is Rebecca’s foster brother and Eggs was a childhood nickname he used to call her. He thinks Rebecca’s dead and Annalise has something to do with it because of how she sounded when they last talked. Wes has flashbacks of all the times Annalise has tried to convince him Rebecca was alive and well but in hiding. He started out this season angry with his professor but has since gotten pretty close with her, even showing up in the middle of the night to help her with a rat. But what’s he going to do now that he realizes his substitute mother’s betrayed him yet again?

5. Keating Men
Annalise winds up at Nate’s house at the end of the episode trying to win him back now that he’s free and clear of murdering Sam. He doesn’t seem forgiving at first but says he might reconsider he just needs more time—time to plot! Wes beat Annalise to Nate’s house and they’ve got a plan! After telling Annalise he could give them another chance, Nate tells Wes “[he’s] in” on something. Looks like the two men closest to Annalise are working to take her down. Well, hell hath no fury…Nate is officially involved with the scandalous shooting! The ex-lover turns up at the mansion to pick up the fleeing Keating four from the crime scene and drives them away.

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