Rest in Power: DJ Timbuck2, The HeavyHitter

Source: Facebook Screengrab

Chicago, and the international deejay community, lost a great mixmaster and innovator in Timothy Jones, best known as DJ Timbuck2 The HeavyHitter, over the weekend.

Jones, who died of cancer, was only 34 years old.

Timbuck2, as he was most commonly known, did not just wow the crowds with his mastery of the wheels of steel.  He used his skill of spinning  and mixing to build a bridge for emerging artists in his hometown, later manifesting as a popular program called Go-IllRadio on WGCI-FM.  This programming played an important role, for example,  introducing Chance The Rapper to the world outside of the City of Wind.

Timbuck2’s impressive career led him to travel opportunities with artists including Common, Lupe Fiasco and Kanye West, to name a few, while also testing his ability on the board in DJ battles with Talib Kweli and the legendary DJ Kid Capri.

As social media feeds continue to overflow with stories, memories, sound clips of the artist at work and condolences, his worldwide cultural impact is obvious.

His infectious smile, determined persona, and authentic nature is forever planted on every heart he touched, every ear that caught his electric  mixing of music, and hand that had the opportunity to give him a pound on a job impeccably done.

Rest in music, peace and power, Timbuck2.

Listen to The HeavyHitter at work: