Erica Campbell Prays For Clinton in Interview

hillary clinton

We’re just days away from the election and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is making a final push to reach out to voters. Currently, she holds a slim lead over her opponent in the polls, and Clinton has been trying to rally Black voters. Monday, she stopped by Erica Campbell’s morning show, Get Up!, to make her case.

During the interview, Clinton once again argued she’d be the best candidate to protect the progress made under President Obama.

“I really don’t think there has been an election where the stakes have been higher. We are really fighting this election out over what kind of country we’re going to be, how we’re going to treat each other,” Clinton said. “I campaigned a lot in the last year about the need more love and kindness. My vision is that we are stronger together. I want to build on President Obama’s legacy.”

Clinton, who said her prayer for the country would be to “love thy neighbor as thy self’,” also explained what keeps her going.

“I think it’s a combination of the inspiration I got from my mother and the lessons from her life, which was a very difficult one. She had to overcome a lot of barriers and she did. Then becoming a mother and now becoming a grandmother. That has been the ongoing motivation,” she explained. “I was raised in a family of faith and I am so fortunate to have that backing and that support when things get hard, so I think it comes down to family and faith.”

Campbell closed the interview with a special prayer for Clinton, asking God to protect the nominee and prevent the enemy from getting in her way.

Listen to the full interview with Hillary Clinton on the Get Up! website.