“Hidden Fences” Is Now Really A Play

During this year’s awards season, there were three films with majority Black casts that became Hollywood darlings.

They were “Hidden Figures,” “Fences,” and “Moonlight.” It’s not often we see three films with Black leads getting nominated for the biggest awards at the Golden Globes or Academy Awards.

While interviewing Pharrell Williams, who is an executive producer of “Hidden Figures,” on the Golden Globes red carpet, Jenna Bush Hager asked him about his movie, “Hidden Fences.” Yes, she made a mistake, which has since gone viral, and combined the names of two films with Black lead actors.

But the “Hidden Fences” slip-up didn’t just stop on the red carpet. During the ceremony, Michael Keaton said “Hidden Fences” while announcing the film from the stage. Because Black Twitter is so creative, the hashtag #HiddenFences was created and of course, people showed out with their comedy.

While watching all this unfold, comedian/writer Jordan Temple took it upon himself to write his first play, titled, “Hidden Fences.” Temple has done past work on the MTV show, “Decoded.”

The “Hidden Fences” Facebook page describes it saying, “‘Hidden Fences’ is an absurd mashup of a comedy play based on ‘Hidden Figures’ and ‘Fences’ and inspired by the viral mistake made at the Golden Globes.”

The play is a parody that mixes social commentary with pop culture references and sees the lead character of “Fences,” Troy Maxon, on an intergalactic mission to become the first Black man to hit a baseball into outer space.

Black people are so creative.