Heineken Red Star Access 2015!

It was one of those experiences where you set a goal to leave at a certain time because it’s Sunday and you have to get your mind right for the #StruggleMonday ahead, but the DJ spins make you say “Okay, after this song.” Only every song is “That JAM,” and every “next song” brings back an “I remember when…” moment.


The Heineken Red Star Access Sun Day-Break event was all of that. Five hours of real hip-hop, an abundance of mixed drinks and cool people!

Coordinated and produced by Heineken, along with Juan & Only Events, the day party brought in Brooklyn emcee Talib Kweli and DJ Kid Capri with a surprise guest MC Lyte.

We’ll get to that.

From the moment you walked into the multi-leveled Chop Shop, located in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood, you were greeted with the sounds of DJ Jermaine spinning everything from Wu-Tang to Junior Mafia. Following DJ Jermaine’s event warm-up, Talib Kweli hops on stage to kick off his spin cycle with the Dead Prez’s “Hip Hop” and of course, we all went Bananas. The music was hitting and a feel good flow instantly rushed your spirit.

Surprise guest, MC Lyte rocked the mic with amped mixes of “Lyte as Rock,” “Cha Cha Cha” and even a lyrical shout-out to KRS-One with “Self Destruction” as DJ Jermaine assisted in the musical ambiance.

Lyte’s stage domination was followed by a performance from Kweli who gave an emcee shout out to Mos Def, with a quick and attendee-assisted rendition of “Umi Says,” before handing the stage over to Chicago rapper, K Valentine, who delivered thought-provoking rhymes.

Next up: Kid Capri took over the one’s and two’s with Do-or-Die, Twista and he even took it back to Black Sheep, Pharycyde and of course, some good ol’ Chi-Town House music.

It’s an experience you have to add on your to-do list! And don’t worry, if you missed this one, Heineken Red Star Access is hitting the city again on June 14, with Rakim.


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