Heavy D Police Thriller Heading to Production

A lot of love was spread in honor of the late overweight lover, Heavy D, on May 24th. The day marked what would have been Hev’s 49th birthday.

While many celebs expressed their love for the late rapper and budding actor across social media, a major announcement was made.

If you recall the life of Dwight “Heavy D” Myers, you’d be familiar that in addition to music, he had a love for acting and that became part of his motivation to shed 160 pounds. As he was building his actors’ resume with film, TV and even a leading role in stage play, he was also crafting his screenplay ability.

From that, Crossed, was created in collaboration with his longtime friend, producer Gordon Bijelonic. The story is a police thriller inspired by gritty New York police detective who jeopardizes his career and life after crossing legal and moral lines to bring a drug kingpin down.

Written by Hev and Avery O. Williams, the project is now moving forward with development and will be executive produced by his daughter, Xea Myers.

“It’s a way to celebrate the legacy of a great man and to take care of his daughter that he loved so much,” Bijelonic told Variety. “Hev was loved by the entire community.”

“I’m so happy [Crossed] will happen for him now because he deserves it,” Xea Myers expressed.

We’ll keep you looped as more details become available.