HBO Is Eyeing FOUR ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spin-Offs & We Can’t Even!

Game of Thrones’ days might be numbered at HBO, but the network is not even close to being done with Westeros.

As we await the premiere of the seventh season of Game of Thrones with only 13-episodes remaining in the entire series, HBO just announced that it’s looking into FOUR possible spin-off series. YES, FOUR. It seems that the network is strongly considering these ideas from the series creator George R.R. Martin, Kong: Skull Island’s Max Borenstein, X-Men: First Class’ Jane Goldman and Mad Men’s Carly Wray. GRRM will also have his hands in other spin-offs. However, we’d just like him to finish writing Winds of Winter before he shifts his focus to anything else.

No other real details about these possible spin-offs have been released as of yet, but we do know that they will “explore different time periods of George R. R. Martin’s vast and rich universe.” It’s probably time that we actually sat down and read all of the books because all of these various timelines are bound to get confusing AF.

In a statement to the press, HBO said,

“[Eecutive producers] Dan Weiss and David Benioff continue to work on finishing up the seventh season and are already in the midst of writing and preparing for the eighth and final season,” HBO said in a statement. “We have kept them up to date on our plans, and they will be attached, along with George R. R. Martin, as executive producers on all projects. We will support them as they take a much-deserved break from writing about Westeros once the final season is complete.”

Are you down for these four possible Game of Thrones spin-offs?

Game of Thrones will FINALLY return, Sunday, July 16th and we’re so ready for the impending bloodbath.