No-Hate Zone: Anaconda is an Embarrassment

Nicki Minaj

First things first, Nicki Minaj is beautiful.  Not that this will stop the “you a hater” comments, but hey…I tried.

Second thing second, “Anaconda” is a mess.

It’s a video orgy of undulating arses, spread legs and splits, which would be fine if it was intended to serve as a promo for Magic City.

But it’s not…it’s a music video from a person who has been described as (until Iggy Azalea brought her own vibrating cakes to the party), THE female MC of the moment.

It’s not a departure from usual Minajesty…after all, this woman has crawled into a cage and twerked before. Her last name represents the false narrative she allowed in order to titillate men with a hankering for girl-on-girl encounters.

But still, something about this display registers as more disheartening on the heels of artist after artist misappropriating Black culture and using Black women’s bodies as props or the punchline to jokes.  It happened just this week when Taylor Swift decided to join the lane paved by the annoying Miley Cyrus, black-ccent sporting Iggy and increasingly odious Katy Perry.

Why does Nicki, despite her money-making prowess and influence, continue to have to squat and crouch in order to stand tall in the industry?  I nearly died of LOLs when I saw this faux homage of male MCs doing the same damn thing to win fans.

It would never happen.

We would all do a double (make that bazillion) take if we saw a video of Drake double pumping in Daisy Dukes.  We’d excommunicate Jay Z if he dropped it like it was hot on the “On the Run” tour and nobody expects the voluptuous Rick Ross to shake what his mama gave him.  Sexism is pervasive throughout our society, but only in mainstream rap is a woman reduced to one voice…or in this case, two butt cheeks.

How does this continue in 2014?  Why does Nicki, who from all appearances is a smart and shrewd business woman with wise advice for her Barbz, have to pose like an extra in The Players Club in a photo with her own labelmate, while he sits there enjoying the view?

Last I checked, her fame is equal to, or greater than, his… In what world is this a view of lyrical peers ?

Drake and Nicki Minaj

Oh wait, yes, that same sphere where we still reduce Black women, no matter their talent, to their curves.  It’s the one where a music mogul like Madame Minaj still has to get down on her stomach, batting her eyelashes while she hunches her posterior up to look like a Valentine to her lustful fans.  The place where womankind’s collective sighs over the dreamy gaze of #felonbae netted outrage, yet there is no shaking the male thirst for twerk team antics and clearly, no room for critique without being branded a hater.

And it’s one where we spend half our time decrying the degradation of Black women and the other half supporting (with our dollars and eardrums) those who do.