Harry Belafonte Celebrates 90 with Curated Album

Harry Belafonte represents icon in every sense of the world. From his contributions to the music and entertainment to his heart and action for activism and social justice, Mr. Belafonte has demonstrated the pureness of what it means to use your platform as gateway to not only say, but to do something.

He’s marched with Dr. King and stood firm in collaboration with Jesse Williams while challenging societal inequality and holding other artists accountable to make change.


His legacy means so much to so many. On March 1, the revered multi-hyphenate cultural ambassador is turning 90 and Legacy Records is honoring his life with a new compilation album, “When Colors Come Together…The Legacy of Harry Belafonte”.

The special project was curated by various artists and includes timeless music from Mr. B and the premiere of new recording by the Children’s Choir of the classic, “When Colors Come Together (Our Island in The Sun)”.

Belafonte co-wrote the song with Irvie Burgie as the title music for the controversial 1957 film, Island In The Sun, in which he starred alongside Dorothy Dandridge, Jon Fontaine and Joan Collins.

A man of heavy involvement, Mr. Belafonte handpicked each track on the upcoming compilation project to ensure that it embodied the essential overview of his artistic career. Fans can expect the best of socially conscious performances in addition to tunes dear to his heart and of course, the hits.


“When Colors Come Together…The Legacy of Harry Belafonte” will be available for pre-order on Feb. 24.