Happy Headlines: Yes, Wale!

Witness the difference between making music for art’s sake and music just to make a dollar.

MMG artist Wale is no stranger to dropping gems in his music – whether lyrically or visually- he delivers with substance. His latest single and visual, “The Body” from the upcoming Album About Nothing, continues with that aesthetic. A flip on the phrase, the Jeremih-assisted release engages the psyche and natural beauty and attraction of a woman. In the interim, he delivers a message for the fellas.

The artist skipped the Brazilian weave and push-up bra representation of a female and opted for a brown hunny rocking beautiful natural curls.

Her style of dress: a realistic cute and casual look.


Deeper than the video, Wale expressed in a blog his intent when creating “The Body.”

Peep an excerpt here:

“The Body,” was an attempt to get us, as Black people, headed in a more elevated direction. Mariah [the model I used in the video] kind of epitomized what I felt a normal beautiful “round the way” girl looked like. These days, we spend so much time focusing on “that assssss, ” we forget how much of love’s chemistry is contingent to a beautiful face and genuine personality. Personalities that used to cut through our television screens when Jada would flex that B’more attitude in a scene. The authenticity back when there was no desire to portray women as just an over-sexualized, clay-like-body to Instagram-obsessed people!

Yes, I’m aware that my latest single is called “The Body.” I also am aware we that barely showed the body… Maybe, just maybe, I thought I could trick these dudes into looking a little deeper. And if only for one video, bring back the glory days of a more genuinely prestigious, “Black Hollywood.”

Check out the video below and read the full blog entry, here!

Wale drops ‘Album About Nothing’ on March 31.