Happy Birthday, Michael Jackson!

“People don’t look at themselves honestly. They don’t look at themselves and point the finger because it’s always some other guys’ fault. You should change yourself. Look at yourself. Make better of yourself.” – Michael Jackson, 1987 EBONY/JET interview

The art and the artist. Michael Jackson’s life embodied one of pure creation and artistic messaging.

More than an entertainer, his lyricism spoke to misfortune, greed, media distortion, societal ills, racism and global change. His performances were simply breathtaking. Movements were honest. But when you dissect a Michael Jackson song, you are connecting with his heart–his core purpose.

Making the world a better place was not just a catchy motto–it was his way of life. For every kid just learning about the infamous moonwalk, militant apparel, tricky footwork and every heart that has been touched by the music and art that was and remains Michael Joseph Jackson, there is a song and a message for you.

On this day, the King of Pop would have turned 56 years old. We honor and remember him through a few of the songs that spoke to a global message and raised awareness on behalf of social change.


I was disgusted by all the injustice…

“Scream” – A collaborative venture and one of the absolute best of all time with baby sis, Janet, aside from the futuristic anime set and distinctive choreography, Scream carried a message that addressed injustice and societal flaws within media.


Michael: Tired of injustice/tired of the schemes/lies are disgusting/ what does it mean, damnit?
Janet: Selling out souls/but I care about mine/gotta get stronger and I won’t give up the fight.

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