Happy Birthday, J. Cole!

If you’ve copped J. Cole’s latest album 2014 Forest Hills Drive, you’re familiar with the track “January 28.” You also know that the date isn’t random. It’s the rapper’s birthday, which happens to be today!

Sure the newly 30-year-old may receive a plethora of presents for the occasion, but what’s standout is his gift to single mothers.

The MC is planning to allow single moms to live in his childhood home rent-free for up to two years. He explained the concept on the latest episode of the “Combat Show.”

“My goal is to have that be a haven for families. The idea is that it’s a single mother with multiple kids, and she’s coming from a place where all her kids is sharing a room … She gets to come here rent-free. I want her kids to feel how I felt when we got to the house.”

The house is a staple for the North Carolina native. It’s the residence where he received his own room (he once lived in a trailer with his mother and older brother), made his first beat and wrote his first rap – all reasons he named his third album after the now-famous address.

Now, others can be inspired by the home just as he was. That’s what we call legendary. Kudos to you, Cole!