Halp Wanted: Whiteface, Nick Cannon, Really?

I hate to do this to Nick Cannon because I actually admire his business savvy and drive.

Say what you will about the man, his so-called corny jokes and/or rapping, but his Ryan Seacrest-like hustle is undeniable.

But perhaps his recent success with the tongue-in-cheek “White People Party Music,” influenced Cannon to go too far and stay too long.

He followed in the footsteps of the Wayans brothers’ circa 2004 and dipped his head in a tub of pale pancake makeup to look like this…


**awkward silence**

Click HERE for another sip of this particular tea.

How could I decry the absolutely wrongheaded trend of these blackface wearing fools  and then turn a blind eye to this mess?  Making matters worse, Cannon seemingly trafficked in super stereotyping by naming his … um… persona “Connor Smallnuts.”

I despise the term reverse racism because Black people simply do not have the power or numbers to pull that off, but what Cannon did  is some straight up biased bull-ish and the Twitters righteously came after him like he was his sworn nemesis Chelsea Handler on Oscar night.  

As for the “just jokes” defense, man listen.  You shouldn’t dish it if you can’t take it and I think that if a White man painted himself with shoe polish, dubbed himself Tyrone Longdong and expected Cannon and other folks of color to laugh…well…

Let’s just say that unfortunate polish-faced clown would be my next “Halp Wanted.”