Halp Wanted: Samuel L. Jackson Snaps

Credit: Thinkstock

First off, let me say that I understand we all make mistakes.

Members of the media are not infallible.

But when it comes to knowing the difference between Laurence Fishburne and Samuel L. Jackson, we don’t think that’s asking too much of a veteran entertainment reporter.

Watch, and sink as low down in your seat as you can, as said journo, KTLA’s Sam Rubin tries to dig himself out of a hole.  Sam Jack is not having it and we don’t blame him.  The on-air personality is lucky he wasn’t treated to some signature F-bombs. He certainly apologized after… You know he got chewed out.

This here is embarrassing and may even be worse than the time folks mistook for Wale and Wyclef Jean.  (Halp)

Or when they mistook Idris Elba for Alfre Woodard.  (Double Halp.)

Come on, folks…. Google images are at your disposal.  Don’t be scared to use it.