Halp Wanted: Nicki Needs to Relax with “Chiraq”

Rapper Nicki Minaj releases the video and controversial artwork for her new single, "Looking Ass "N*gga."

I tried not to waste any electrons on Nicki Minaj.

It’s not like the Queen of the Barbz has any shame.  Nor does she care what the public thinks, as you can tell from her response to this Malcolm X cover backlash.

But whether it hits her where it hurts or not, I just have to say after hearing some glowing reviews of it….

I hate her latest song, “Chiraq.”  And no, I didn’t forget the link to it, I’m not posting that mess anywhere.

First off, I hate the title.

Really, did violence-plagued Chicago really need some outsider shouting out the unwanted “Chiraq” moniker?  And the gunshots at the end… Is this death and destruction a joke to people?

I also despise the lyrical dig at Malcom X’s daughter.

“Malcolm X daughter came at me/lookin’ ass ni**as ain’t happy/rolled out with some Latin Kings and some eses in them plain khakis.”

Um.  Is this a family affair now?  A mainstream and adored rapper disrespects an under-appreciated Black icon and then lashes out at his daughter for defending his legacy?

So, clearly there is nothing or nobody else she could use her skills to go up against.   I don’t know…maybe  she could take aim at the way African-American women are depicted in the mainstream media, and that’s just for starters.

Oh wait, she’s actually helping with the movement to make Black women look like oversexed, crouching, growling sex objects.   Homegirl has even climbed into a cage for the horribly named “Stupid Hoe.”  SMH to the third power.


So…guess it was almost guaranteed that Minaj would make a track like this.  A gunfire-laced, tough-talking, sorry attempt to dig into the drill sound and align herself with a city so scary we’re proud to be called Chiraq.

She might have been destined to it, but that doesn’t mean we have to listen to it.